Tourist Places

Goddess Sunadei

Close to Patora is Sunabeda Wildlife sanctuary. A waterfall called Godhosh about 63 meters amidst dense forest enhances the scenic…


This place popularly known as Salihagargh where the people of Khariar estate united on 30th September 1930 and protested against…

Upkaganga Kunda

The place Upkaganga is situated amidst Sunabeda River forest beside two hillocks named Guru Dongor and Pati Dongor Water in…

Water automatically flows out from the mother earth at Patalganga

It is a nice spot in the bosom of nature with a perennial spring, the water of which is considered…

Jogeswar Temple, Patora

On the bank of river Jonk is place of uncommon scenic charms. Engirdled on all sides by green clad hills….

Pataleswar Temple ,Budhikomna
Pataleswar Temple,Budhikomna

 Budhikomna houses the famous temple of Pataleswar made of bricks in pancharatha style unique in the state. A connoisseur of…