Community Policing

Date : 26/03/2013 - | Sector: Service and Security
Community Policing
Community Policing is functioning in the district.  All the Police Stations have been divided into 5/6 beats.  A Beat Officer/Constable has been engaged for each beat.  Ama Police Samiti has been formed at PS level consisting of 20/25 Samiti members.  The Samiti Meeting is being held in each month in each Police Station to discuss different matters relating to Crime, Law & Order and other miscellaneous matters of the Society. A District Advisory Committee has been  formed at the District level to monitor the functioning of Ama Police Samiti. This sort of Community Policing helps a lot in the maintenance of Law and Order and other crime issues with the involvement of the members of Ama Police Samiti. Grama Rakhies are also engaged in Rural areas of the concerned Police Stations for optimum Rural Policing system in the isolated areas.




It helps to maintenance of Law and Order and other crime issues