Animal Husbandry


Animal resources Development Sector in Odisha is highly livelihood intensive and 80% of its rural households own livestock of one species or the other and earn supplementary income for the family. Animal husbandry and poultry farming are expected to play an important role in supplementing the limited income and employment opportunities particularly for the small and marginal holdings. Next to agriculture,animal husbandry is the most important economic activity in the rural Odisha, which is significantly contributing around 4% to Gross State Domestic Product(GSDP).The Department is implementing programmes for breeding ,feeding, management of livestock and poultry on scientific method through the Directorate of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services, Odisha.
There is one Veterinary Hospital, seven Veterinary Dispensaries,51 nos of Livestock Aid Centres & one fodder seed production farm at Tarbod under C.D.V.O,Nuapada.


  • To make Animal Resources Development an engine of growth of the rural economy of Odisha, providing income and livelihood opportunities to the people.
  • To make dairying a viable livelihood option for small & marginal farmers by strengthening all forward and backward linkages.
  • To enable poor households to improve the productivity of animals like sheep,goat & pig.
  • To make backyard poultry a popular and viable subsidiary farming activity in rural area.
  • To achieve self sufficiency /surplus in milk, eggs and meat production.
  • To enhance per capita availability of milk, eggs and meat including poultry meat.
  • To enhance availability of feed and fodder for economic dairy farming.
  • To provide efficient veterinary services at the door step of the farmers.


  • Treatment of livestock – Veterinary services to remote areas through Mobile Veterinary Unit.
  • Artificial Insemination (Both static & doorstep)
  • Vaccination of livestock (Prevention, control & containment of various contagious & zoonotic disease of livestock.
  • Castration of Bull calves.
  • Skill up gradation through different training programmes.
  • Seasonal & perennial fodder cultivation.
  • Fertility management camp.
  • Back yard poultry rearing.
  • Livestock insurance in subsidized cost.
  • Promotion of Dairy, poultry & goatery through Bank loans to farmers under different schemes.
  • Conservation of local recognized breed.
  • To promote small scale farming of goat & sheep.
  • Promotion of Sheepery,Goatery & layer birds under CAE.

Name of Services

Service Details
Service Name Description
Artificial Inseminationion Service is available in the H.Q & Door step service also available in each block.
Treatment Service is available in the H.Q & Door step service also available in each block.
Castration Service is available in the H.Q & Door step service also available in each block.
Vaccination Service is available in the H.Q & Door step service also available in each block.
Farmer Training Skill up gradation Training at V.D & V.H through NLM,RKVY
Fodder development NLM,RKVY
Poultry development N.L.M
Small Ruminant(Sheep & Goat development) State plan, Genetic up gradation at V.D & V.H level
Entrepreneur development through (dairy, small animal & poultry) D.E.D.S (NABARD) at V.D level
Livestock Insurance V.D level N.L.M at V.D level
Mobile Veterinary Unit Providing door step service in inaccessible area of each block
Pathological test Service available in each block H.Q & District Diagnostic Laboratory,Nuapada

Name of Programs and Schemes

These are schemes functioning such as CAE,DEDS,Perennial fodder cultivation(NLM) in farmer’s land,Live stock insurance(N.L.M),Backyard poultry farming,Small scale sheep and Goat farming.